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Eli Manning vs. Jason Campbell

Posted on: August 6, 2009 5:08 pm
Edited on: August 6, 2009 9:18 pm

I got into a discussion last night about who was the better quarterback, Jason Campbell and Eli Manning. It was argued that Campbell had better stats in 2008 than Manning, and hence, was the better QB. Not being aware of the stats at the time and not being interested in firing up the Blackberry, I waited until this morning to pull up the stats. If you just look at QB rating, there were about the same last year (86.4 - Manning, 84.3 Campbell). Both had a similar completion % (Manning - 60%, Campbell - 62%) and threw for approximately the same yardage. The biggest difference that I can see was Manning's 21 TD passes to Campbell's 13 TD passes. That being said, Manning threw 10 INT's while Campbell threw 6. I could go on with the stats forever, but it leads me to question, why was Eli just made the $15+ million a year man while the Redskins actively tried to replace Campbell this past offseason?

If I was asked point blank, who would I choose between Campbell or Manning to start a team with, right off the bat I would go with Manning, but after looking at the stats, I am not entirely sure that would be the case. I guess my gut feeling would be based on Manning's SB ring and what I have seen on the field (being an Eagles fan, I get to see both at least once a year). I am probably bias regarding evaluating a QB in person because I am taking into consideration how good the team is overall. Over the past couple of years, the Giants have been perennial contenders in the NFC East, while the Redskins have not enjoyed the same success.  Is it then fair to judge the QB based on the success (or failure) of an entire team?

At the end of the day, its just food for thought. I am not sure what exactly the answer is, if there is any. All I do know, is that I get six points for TD in fantasy and -2 for interceptions, so Eli would clearly have been the better choice last year.

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Posted on: August 7, 2009 1:39 pm

Eli Manning vs. Jason Campbell

Manning has a better supporting cast than Campbell, thats pretty much the reason why he gets more "love" overall, I dont think he is clearly better than Campbell at all.    Manning is the byproduct of his name and a great receiver (Burress) and the luckiest catch in Super Bowl history (David Tyree).  Plus, the Giants have the best defense in the NFL, two great defensive players with Tuck and Omensenryi, they are a force and get the job done.   They are a top flight organization from head to toe and the Redskins are a team of overpaid and overrated old guys.   If they flipped teams, they would be probably equally successful.

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Posted on: August 7, 2009 1:07 pm

Eli Manning vs. Jason Campbell

Is this really an argument?  Trust me I am not a fan of Eli Manning fan at all.  I think he is a product of the Manning name and one of the luckiest catches in Superbowl history.  With that said, Jason Campbell hasn't even proven that he is a legitimate starter in the NFL.  He has a great RB, TE, O-Line, and decent WR core and still puts up lackluster performances, numbers, and wins.  Even though Eli is grossly overpaid, he does have a Superbowl ring and he was the QB who led that team the whole way through.  This isn't even a debatable topic. 

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Posted on: August 7, 2009 12:50 pm

Eli Manning vs. Jason Campbell

Eli Manning is one of the best qbs in the league.  There are 3 reasons why his stats arent like his brothers. One is because the giants are a running team first.  Second is that the Giants were blowing teams out the past couple years that they would just waste the clock out and not give eli a chance to throw.  Third, other than Plax, eli had no one to throw to. Every successful qb has a stub receiver.  Peyton had harrison and has wayne.  Brady has Moss and Welker.  Theres no comparision at all between Manning and Campbell.  Eli is the face of the Giants with a Super Bowl win and Campbell is an below average qb that will be lucky to make the playoffs in his career.

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Posted on: August 7, 2009 11:50 am

Eli Manning vs. Jason Campbell

I dont believe Eli is the best quarterback in the league statistically or leadership wise. However, he is a good fit for the Giants and has been a proven winner for them.  Giants fans know when the biggest of games is on the line he has the ability to win it.  I've seen greater quarterbacks (statistically) crumble in big moments.  No one can tell me that Romo will come up big in the biggest of moments because he hasnt done it yet.  As a fan I'd rather a quarterback with a Superbowl on his resume and a good win/loss record than a regular season stats guy. Legends are made in the playoffs.  I dont mean to pick on Romo but when he played the Giants in the playoffs with a better team he self-destructed when the money was on the line.  And McNabb was puking on himself when he got his shot at the Pats in the Supe.

Every negative post about Eli says "with the exception of his magical playoff run" or "he was lucky Tyree made that catch".  But that playoff run counts on his resume. It's one of the greatest playoff runs of all-time, if not the greatest. Should that not count?  And I don't dispute that Eli had some luck on his side late in that 4th quarter, but would any fan argue that to beat arguably the greatest team of all-time you would need a little luck. 

Unless you are a Giants fan, nobody on this site can know what it feels like to have the team you support beat a perfect team, it's the greatest feeling a fan can have in sports. Pay him the money.

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Posted on: August 7, 2009 11:15 am

Eli Manning vs. Jason Campbell

You can't compare the 2 QB's based on stats alone.  Manning is a far better QB than Campbell.  Let's see, Manning's 2008 stats are the 2nd worst stat line of his career and Campbell's stats are career highs.  Comparing the 2 based on 1 season is just dumb. Campbell is a joke and will never lead the Redskins or any other NFL team to a championship or the post season for that matter.  The only reason he had a career high stat line, which the numbers are still a joke, is because they were down so much and go them during garbage time. What a comical comparison.

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Posted on: August 7, 2009 11:13 am

Eli Manning vs. Jason Campbell

The biggest thing is Campbell hasn't proven himself to anyone yet. He's folded in a lot of big games, hasn't taken them to the playoffs and now they're saying his job may not even be guarenteed. I would rather see Manning at quarterback for any team above Campbell. And a difference in 4 INTs for an extra 8 TDs? I'll take it, especially when he was playing without his best reciever half the season and the rest of them were very young and no go-to guy where Campbell had his guy (Santana Moss) all season. Not to mention that throwing in the Meadowlands is a bit more difficult than in RFK (I don't know the home/road splits but I'm sure they would be very interesting). What's Campbell's career numbers in the Meadowlands compared to Mannings and in RFK?

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Posted on: August 7, 2009 11:11 am

Eli Manning vs. Jason Campbell

Sometimes people who get paid a lot of money to do things are simply overpaid (like Eli?).  Eli's numbers are not simply a product of his system.  If he was capable of doubling his numbers in a different system, believe me, people who get paid a lot of money to develop the Giants' offensive strategy would install that system.  And they'd win a lot of games, as well.  The truth is that Eli, even in the days with Plaxico and Toomer, was not as important to the offense as the running game, because he was not (and is not) an exeptional QB.

Off the top of my head, not looking only at stats but also at things like decision making and doing the most considering the talent around them, I've compiled a list of quarterbacks who last year were easily better than Eli Manning :
- Peyton Manning
- Tom Brady

(now the ones you missed who were also easily better than Eli, in no particular order ):
- Drew Brees  (Brees has been a consistant gun for his entire career.  Eli is not even close to his level of skill and consistancy.)

- Jay Cutler  (He sometimes makes bad decisions and forces dangerous passes.  But Eli also makes goofy mistakes.  Cutler has a much stronger arm and a much higher upside.)

- Tony Romo  (Similar to Jay Cutler, this guy is prone to mistakes.  But again, his upside is much higher than Eli.)

- Aaron Rodgers  (In his first year as a starter, he had more yards (4038), more TDs (28), and a better rating (93.8) than Eli has EVER had in a season in his career.  Don't blame only him for the Packers' many late-game colapses.  That falls mainly on the defense.)

- Philip Rivers  (Same as Rodgers.  Yards (4009), TD (34), and rating (105.5) were off the charts, out of Eli's stratosphere.)

- A healthy Donovan McNabb (Sometimes this QB seems to exist only in theory, but when he takes the field, he is a proven playmaker and a winner.)

- Carson Palmer  (Oh wait, he didn't play last year.  But he's definitely more skilled than Eli.  It's not even worth debating.)

Quarterbacks you could debate about (but I would've rather had these guys than Eli if I was building a team last year)
- Kurt Warner  (Sure, a lot of his statistical success is a result of the offense he was in.  But he did a little more than manage the offense.  He was a consistant leader out there.)

- Matt Schaub  (Yup.  I'd take Schaub over Eli.  He did pretty well, especially in HOUSTON's offense.  Although they do have Andre Johnson and Steve Slaton, they also have a tragically awful O-line.  This one is certainly up for debate.)
- Matt Ryan  (He was simply a better game manager than Eli.  He did more with less.  But Mr. Michael Turner was definitely the leader of that offense, so again, debatable.)

- Dan Orlovsky  (Just kidding.)

Other notable QB's that you could debate about (but I pick Eli above these dudes last year)
- Brett Favre  (Sometimes this guy flat out won games.  Sometimes he flat out lost them.  Last year, there were more games of the latter variety.)

- Joe Flacco  (This guy really exceeded expectations last year.  But in his first year, he wasn't often asked to do more than manage games.  And last year, he wasn't as good at managing games as Eli.)

- Chad Pennington (97.4 rating on the Dolphins??  But... they didn't ask him to do too much.  Still a steady arm.  I have a tough time believing that he would out-perform Eli if they had identical circumstances... but it's debatable.)

- An injured McNabb (Still a gamer, but just not consistantly good enough with the decreased mobility that some of his injuries have caused.)

- Jeff Garcia (Well, he was effective last year.  So he at least deserves a shout out.  Solid rating (90.2) in near full-time action)

- Big Ben Roethlisburger  (While his team certainly was successful, he really didn't have an effective year at QB last year.  He's not regularly a huge playmaker, but he did come through big time during clutch moments last season.  And let's not forget that his offensive line sometimes went out for coffee while he dropped back to pass.)

- Jason Cambell (Well, he doesn't have a GREAT offense around him, but there are certainly good player in Clinton Portis, Chris Cooley, and Santana Moss.  While he can do a little more with his legs than Eli, he hasn't done as much with his arm or his head.  He might be better in the future if given the chance, but last year I'd take Eli.)

- Matt Cassel  (Prove to me that last year wasn't a fluke.  "Pretty good" numbers in an "outragously good" offense.  He got the job done, but he wasn't terribly impressive.)

- Matt Hasslebeck  (He's gotta bounce back.  In his good years I'd take him over what we've seen from Eli thus far.  But his good years might be behind him (debatable).  But last year wasn't a good year.)

These are my thoughts.  Feel free to disagree.  Don't use the superbowl victory or the final drive as an argument for Eli, though!  Remember, he threw the ball through the hands of A. Samuel a couple of times on that last drive, practically begging him to pick it off.  Not only did the Patriots refuse to intercept those passes, they also refused to cover Burress on the game-winning TD.  Eli's best play on that drive, the pass to Tyree, was a result of solid awareness and escapability by Eli in the pocket - I give him mad props for that.  But after that, it was more of a great catch than a great throw.

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Posted on: August 7, 2009 10:18 am

Eli Manning vs. Jason Campbell

   Campbell is the type of quarterback that a team is forced to compensate for.  He has difficulty throwing to the flat, processing coverage, and isn't even mobile.  That is death in a west-coast system.  His pass plays are entirely scripted.  There is no ability to audible or be creative.  Campbell has the ball hiked to him and tries to get through the play much as a robot would.  A quarterback with tiny interception numbers can often mean he has a coaching staff who tries to own every one of his pass attempts.  "Take three steps, look for the two routes we have designated as most likely to be open and, if not open, throw the ball away."  Campbell has been in the league enough years for it to be embarrassing for this to still be the case.  Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, and Matt Cassel were essentially all rookies and had very similar coaching dictates.
   I don't care how many offenses Campbell has had to learn, it is sad to still be on leading strings at this point in his career.  Eli owns his offense.  I have never been a fan of his ability as a quarterback as he is often indecisive and lacks that strength of presence one would think pivotal for a leader in crunch time.  He has managed to be successful in a place bloated with self-importance and cynical pretense however.  Any quarterback playing for a Giant or Jet team must have some thick skin to be sure.
   I don't think I would have spent all that money on Eli, but to say Jason Campbell is a match for Eli ability wise is silly.  Campbell won't be starting for any team in a couple years let alone commanding any real dollar value.  The Redskins did everything they could to find a replacement this off-season.  Management knows they will never be a real contender with the man at the helm.       

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Posted on: August 7, 2009 10:02 am

Eli Manning vs. Jason Campbell

i think a better question would be....who is a bigger choker....romo or mcnabb.....campbell and eli are the 2 best qbs with the brightest futures in the nfc east....

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Posted on: August 7, 2009 10:02 am

Eli Manning vs. Jason Campbell

Tony99. why is Ben tougher?  Honestly?  I'm not saying he's not a tough guy but why is Eli considered weak?  Last time I checked Eli has started 71 consecutive games.  Yeah, yeah, yeah I know.  Ben rides a bike without a helmet and stuff but Eli plays EVERY week. Does Ben?
I'm sure you will come back with Ben has no O-line and Willie Parker sucks.  Whatever. Stop making excuses for Ben. In your words he's a tough guy. He doesnt need you to defend him.  Ben has better stats and he has more Superbowl rings. Maybe the Steelers will man up and pay him. BEN is better than ELI at this stage in their careers and if I were a Steeler fan I wouldnt trade him for Eli.  But dont hate Eli because he gets paid and won the most important football game played in decades. You can't change history once it's made. Eli Manning beat an 18-0 all-time great team in a game that represented football immortality for some.  There is absolutely no question that Eli will be remembered for outdueling Favre in -25 degree tempts and Brady in the Superbowl for eternity. That game will be talked about 40 years from now.  It is not Ben's fault that he beat the Seahags and Cardinals to get his rings. He has no control over who he plays.  Be happy with Ben. He's one of the best.  He's better than Eli. But I'll take Eli. I know he's not tougher than Ben but he plays every week and he won a game more important than any game Ben ever won.

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